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Tendon healing, tendonitis

Problems that affect tendons include tendonitis, tendinopathy, bursitis (that affects athletes most often), but they are also common among both active and sedentary adults. Physical therapy along with biologic therapies with growth factors might provide pain relief and improve in function. The literature is showing today lots of studies documenting the safe use of PRP for various tendon pathologies. Standardized composition of PRP is necessary in order to compare the data from different studies. In our institution we use a PRP preparation poor in leucocytes (Dohan Ehrenfest classification) and there is strong evidence of positive use of PRP on Achilles tendinopathy, lateral epicondylitis and plantar fasciitis.

In general 2 or 3 injections are necessary to solve the problem. The best results are achieved in acute or subacute cases therefore we suggest treating these lesions at an early stage. 

Non-surgical treatment: The use of PRP derived growth factors that promote long-term tissue healing has been proven to be beneficial in the treatment of tendon inflammation. Though its effects are not immediate, PRP alleviates symptoms over time, facilitating a remarkable return to previous function.  The aim of PRP injections is to reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation, prevent or contain functional limitations accelerating healing.


Surgical treatment:

In cases when the tendons are torn, a surgical procedure is necessary in order to re-approach and suture the torn parts. In these cases we prefer to use activated PRP gel, which is applied on the site of the sutured tendon. Our findings, which are in accordance with the existing literature, showed that with the use of PRP derived growth factors we can enhance tendon healing and achieve earlier return to previous activities.