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(Consultation charges apply)

I am a Sports Physician,  Orthopedic Surgeon and  Clinician Scientist and my clinical and research focus is on biologic joint repair and regeneration for the knee, shoulder and ankle ligament and cartilage problems. I divide my professional life between clinical practice, nonprofit research and International scientific activities.

We can discuss your problems/symptoms through skype during Monday to Wednesday between 18:30 to 19:30 (Italy local time).Please bare in mind that consultation should not last for more than 15-20 mins.

How to fix an appointment with me:

My practice is located in Italy and the main surgical center  in Milano however I’ve clinic in Genova and Alessandria as well.

If you live in Italy  please book an appointment to see me in person, however, if like many of our patients, you don’t live in Italy we offer a consultation service via Skype. Arrange to send us your recent imagery and surgical notes and I will be able to evaluate your case before  you  call  so  we can talk  to discuss possible treatment options.

During our Skype conversation I cannot perform a clinical evaluation but I can provide a lot of valuable information on your possible treatment.

Send   current  x-rays and an MRI if available (actual films or CD) with typed reports within the past six months (Please check our instructions)    

Fill to fllowing form: