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Dr. Alberto Gobbi was born in Milan on the 14th October 1956. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Milan, Italy in 1983 and presented his thesis on traumatic injuries in motorcycle sports. He completed his specialization in traumatology and orthopaedic surgery in the same institution in 1988. He subsequently completed his training in Sports Medicine at the University of Genoa in 1991 and began to serve as a Consultant in Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Traumatology in various hospitals in Milan. In 1986, in Los Angeles, he met Dr. Fox, a pioneer in the field of arthroscopic surgery in the US.  Their friendship helped Dr. Alberto Gobbi further improve his arthroscopic surgical techniques. For more than twenty years he attended the most prestigious American schools of orthopedics, eventually becoming, himself, an invited lecturer and keynote speaker at the annual conferences of the most renowned international associations in Orthopaedic Medicine. Dr. Gobbi served as the team physician for the Italian Motorcyclists Federation from 1983 for more than 10 years  and the European Motorcross Racing Team from 1984 up to the present day. He is the orthopaedic Consultant for the Gymnica Sport Center Ovada, the Orthopaedic Consultant for the Biella Basketball Team and a consultant to various rehabilitation centers in and around Milan. Dr. Gobbi is also responsible for the development of the Sports and Medicine Medical Center in Milan, Italy which was founded in 1994, and is also one of the consultant surgeons for Tyco Surgical Dynamics, USA. Stimulated by his previous participation in the sport of motocross at a national level, Dr. Gobbi developed his medical research focusing on trauma in high-risk sports. Famous athletes and motocross riders, participating in the many of the most prestigious international competitions, (such as motorcycle world championships, motocross comeptitions, trials, rallies, and adventure endurance races like the Paris-Dakar Rally and the Incas “Pharaons” have always found in Dr. Gobbi a point of reference for the prevention and care of injuries.


Dr. Gobbi during his participation in the 1991 Paris-Dakar race.

Dr. Alberto Gobbi is the founder and director of Orthopaedic Arthroscopic Surgery International (OASI) Bioresearch Foundation, Gobbi Onlus, a non-profit organization that brings together clinicians and researchers working in the field of biotechnology in order to improve knowledge in the prevention and treatment of degenerative processes and aging. One of the primary goals of OASI are the study of new surgical techniques, followed by the publication of these results in scientific journals and participation in international conferences and meetings. OASI is committed to cultural exchange, the sharing of knowledge and technological know-how and the hard work and enthusiasm that infects those who want to learn, grow and transfer knowledge.  In Milan, in collaboration with AISPO (Associazione Italiana di Solidarietà tra i Popoli) San Raffaele, OASI Bioresearch Foundation has created a team of doctors, bio engineers and internationally renowned researchers who are currently the pioneers in research on the application of stem cells and growth factors in orthopedics and Sports Traumatology. AISPO is a non-profit association that supports volunteer work in developing countries and the setting up of health projects and training activities in the field of international cooperation. Numerous requests arrive from all over the world every year at OASIS from young doctors who wish to participate in the fellowship program and OASI, thanks to the collaboration with AISPO, is able to accommodate 3 researchers per year. In an effort to train young surgeons from emerging countries, OASI is listed in ‘ICOE – International Center for Orthopaedic Education, a cultural organization created in 1994 in Los Angeles to provide orthopedics around the world the possibility of cultural exchange and the implementation of training programs in specific areas of orthopedic trauma surgery. Through this initiative OASI has created a database that contains information on the most important orthopedic centers around the world and documents their willingness to carry out programs of education and refinement. OASI Bioresearch Foundation Gobbi Onlus, is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health and recognized as an International Teaching Center by ISAKOS (International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine) and ICRS (International Cartilage Repair Society). Dr. Gobbi’s office is located in Milan, Italy He performs highly skilled scientific, surgical and educational activities, at a national and international level. He is specialized in joint aging and sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. His philosophy is the development of a plan of care for the patient, with the goal being to restore functionality and achieve early return to daily activities and pre-injury sporting levels in professional athletes. He pioneers research in biological approaches to the repair of injured articular cartilage and in the last decade he has advanced surgical and conservative treatment modalities with the use of mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors. Currently he is a member of the Educational Committee of the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA) and Deputy Chair of the Educational Committee of the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sport Medicine (ISAKOS), where he has also served to the board of Directors. Other posts: ESSKA Member of Cartilage Committee from 2006, ISAKOS as member of Arthroscopy Committee, Communication, Strategic planning and Scientific Committee, Member of ICRS for the last 10 years, he served the society as member of the General Board 2004-2008, deputy chair of Educational Committee, Program Chair of the World meeting in Miami 2009, Program Chair of Beijing ICRS meeting in 2011-2013. His numerous publications on arthroscopic procedures and the surgical treatment of cartilage repair have appeared in many international peer-review journals.

“During my years crossing the Sahara desert for the Paris to Dakar race I would see, in the distance, palm trees like small green dots in the sand. It meant we had reached an oasis, a safe place to drink, relax and recuperate. Both an injured person and an athlete suffering from trauma need a place where they can feel safe, protected and cared for so that they can recover both physically and mentally before they leave and face the next challenge: a “medical oasis” a place that welcomes and protects  the body and refreshes the spirit.”

This is the mission of  O.A.S.I. Orthopaedic Arthroscopic Surgery International.

The name comes from:

Orthopaedic: my specialty;

Arthroscopy:  my love;

Surgery:  my talent;

International: science is global.