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Muscle Injuries

The use of growth factors is also beneficial in muscle injuries. However there is a debate regarding the PRP preparation and post –injury phase that it would be more beneficial. According to other published studies, we found that PPR use under certain conditions improved muscle healing and contraction force.

Pump Arm Syndrome

Pump arm syndrome is a painful situation of the arm which is commonly identified in motocross riders; furthermore it might become very dangerous, because it causes a decrease in the ability to control the bike and can lead to a serious accident. However this is an overuse type injury that could be observed in many other activities that involve arm muscle and tendons in repeated activity. Although it is a frequently encountered in motocross problem, only studies have been conducted ti identify the mechanisms and determine this problem. Although surgical treatment has been proposed when conservative treatment fails, we have observed very good and stable outcome with the use of growth factors (PRP) and rehabilitation (see figure below).

                                     Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.53.24 PM