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Ligament injuries around the knee have been on the rise in the past three decades following an increase in participation in recreational and competitive sporting activities. According to an ongoing study in the United States, an estimated 200,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions are performed annually and the incidence of ACL injury is roughly one in 3000 per year. ACL is in the center of the knee joint; its function is to prevent the forward sliding of the tibia. ACL may be injured through contact placing force on the ligament or may be produced without contact by rapid twisting of the knee. Symptoms of ACL tear include immediate onset of pain, swelling, instability and limitation of range of motion. ACL tear is confirmed by MRI scans.

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The arthroscopic reconstruction of the torn ACL with tendon graft is the gold standard of the treatment of acute rupture of the ligament. Many different techniques have been suggested for anatomic reconstruction using different surgical techniques, fixation systems, and types of graft. We recently published a comparative study of different reconstruction techniques. Currently we perform an anatomic ACL reconstruction technique utilizing a quadrupled semitendinosus tendon graft.

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Isolated AnteroMedial Bundle ACL Reconstruction video link